Friday, April 24, 2015

Fat Shaming

It's great,
really GREAT
that you love yourself.

Fuck Yeah!


No amount
of self-esteem
can unclog
your arteries

No amount
of confidence
can stem the flood
of cancer cells
from ravaging your organs

And no amount
of swagger
can sidestep
that .45 caliber stroke
you've got whizzing
through your brain.

So good on you.

You've redefined the parameters of "beauty"
to the point where it also includes
all the vices that will lead to
your untimely demise.

Mission The Fuck Accomplished!

But the truth
the cold hard math of it

Is that you
are fat
and lazy
and going to die
far too early

And this is all
Your fault.

You can blame society.
Blame advertisers.
Blame photoshop
for making the food look so
and a healthy body look so

You can defend yourself
all you want.
Deep down
You know it's true.

wrapped in an education
are still nothing
but excuses.

But no one calls you fat.
No one calls you lazy.
No one calls you out.

You've got the whole world
that will-power
does not exist


no one wants to
hurt your feelings
while they watch you
kill yourself.

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