Sunday, May 12, 2013


My supervisor
sits me
down and
says that
some of
the managers
have been
talking about
me and
they think
I'm a
good worker
but I
don't seem
to care
and I
think about
my brother
and my
grandfather and
my mother
and all
the people
I've known
who died
who have
reminded me
what's important
what's trivial
like this
and how
when my
grandfather died
it was
the only
time he
ever shot
his rifle
he got
from the
Marines and
when he
went out
to the
shed he
told my
grandmother that
he was
going to
get a
movie and
after so
many decades
of marriage
the last
thing he
said to
her was
a lie
and I
hate it
when I
lie so
I'm trying
to be
as honest
as possible
so I
look at
my supervisor
and I
tell him,
They're right.

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