Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Million Dollars In Jewelry

This time wasn’t staged.
This time was real.
A real 13-year-old boy
was shot in the back
by a real 9mm pistol
and for once
it wasn’t just a flesh wound.

He won’t be getting back up.
He won’t be coming back
bathed in white light
Via satellite from Heaven
to reassure you that everything
will be okay as long
as you follow your heart.

His mother will
receive no
Best Actress Award
for her grief.
She will give no
acceptance speeches
or wear a million dollars
in jewelry.

His father won't
go on a rock ‘n roll revenge spree,
tracking down the killer
with lame puns
and long action sequences
set to techno.

This time there won’t be
artistically redeeming.

This time
the credits
will be

And he didn’t have any
Grand epiphanies
before he died.

He just kind of died.

Just like you will
Just like I will.
Just like everybody.

The real world
isn’t concerned
with plot arches
or dynamic characters.

will get blood
the perfect shade of red
every single time.

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