Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Sister

My sister
is the strongest
I've ever known,
though she would argue
she is the weakest.

In truth,
she is both.

She is
a record breaking
so fatigued
her gold medal
weighs her down.

My sister
is the one
who calls the funeral home,
who makes the arrangements,
who touches the body
to make sure it's cold
to make sure it's happening
and it's real,
so the rest of us
don't have to.

She is
a world famous
whose voice strains
to endure the
burden of its own beauty.

My sister
is the one
who combs through the pictures,
who cleans up the mess,
who picks out the music
that will play
while I
say good-bye
to my mother.

She is strong
and weak
so that I
don't have to be.

She is my sister
and she has always
been there for me,
kept her promises,
told me the truth,
and forgiven me
for all the ways
I fail
to be more like her.

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