Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because I Must

Death is like basketball.

Put better,
Death is like a basketball 
hitting you 
in your big stupid face.

You’re playing the game
And someone passes you the ball
But you don’t
see it coming

And the second 
before the ball smacks you
in your big stupid face
you look up

You see it
but there’s not a
goddamn thing 
you can do about it.

And it’s unfair.
And it’s going to suck.
And some people will care.
And some people won't.

And that 
will be 

No words can compare to
the movement of a
spiraling basketball
ripping through the air like a comet

headed straight for
your dome
to so perfectly articulate
one very specific message.

This is

And in that second 
you understand

beyond words
beyond reason
beyond even

the futility of every plan
you've ever made
or action
you've ever taken because

from day one
this was your 
immutable destiny

The ball
was always on its way
to you.

You understand
in an instant that
everything has led up to this
and it has all ready happened

and it will continue
forever and ever

and it is equally
hilarious and tragic
but you will not feel like
laughing or crying
you will only


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