Wednesday, March 12, 2014

About Pussies

It is completely absurd that
people use the word “pussy”
As a symbol for weakness
and cowardice.

A woman’s pussy is tougher
And more gallant
Than any man who has ever lived.

Our entire species
on pussies dilating
--often ripping--
in order to usher in the next generation
of human beings.

You could lay a path
from the Earth to the Moon
and back again
a hundred times over
using only the vaginal tears
of the unimaginably resilient
and courageous women
who have faced this horror,
but still,
we have the nerve
--the sheer fucking audacity--
to refer to pussies
as symbols for the
weak and cowardly.

we use “balls” as a symbol
of strength and courage
when they are actually the most
sensitive and
vulnerable real-estate in
the observable universe.

It’s just


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